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We provide reputable recruitment services and solutions. Our experienced and motivated team can direct your company to the appropriate candidates and strategize when staffing improvement is needed.

Assisting Job Seekers

Taking some stress off your shoulders when job-hunting is our priority. We will help connect you with the right recruiters that are hiring for a position that matches your interests and qualifications.


Over the years we have built a team that is well-informed on the various industries and their corresponding requirements. With creating a firm with such knowledge, the goal is to match our expertise with outstanding results.

Who We Are

Xperts Staffing Solutions is a staffing firm that offers a wide range of staffing solutions for companies of any size. We specialize in providing efficient, professional, and customizable staffing solutions for temporary, part-time or full-time employment.

Our Story

What we specialize in

We specialize in providing quality employees to help ease any transition or shortage that you may be experiencing, especially during these difficult times. Our scope of range varies in many fields, such as:

  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • General Labour
  • Line or Assembly Work
  • Sanitation
  • COVID-19 Disinfecting
  • Consulting


The production sector plays a significant role for the Canadian economy. The production industry can include positions such as; producing and assembling products, operating and maintaining machinery, finalizing products, preparing items for shipments, etc.


As an integral part of our supply chain, manufacturing positions can vary from company to company. From mechanical to physical, or chemical transformation of materials, this industry seeks individuals that are fitted for the given position.

General Labour

Positions for general labour are always in demand. Whether it’s cleaning, landscaping, or a moving company, we will find the suitable candidates for the position. Additionally, if you are seeking general labour work, our team can guide you.

Line or Assembly Work

From the 1800s to present day assembly work is still prevalent in the manufacturing sector. If you are a company that needs staffing solutions for this specific area of work, Xperts will lead you to the correct applicants.

Sanitation & COVID-19 Disinfecting

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Xperts Staffing Solutions always prioritized a safe and cleanly place of work. We stress that the work environments are kept in hygienic condition for the well-being of all staff members. It is important to us that employees are able to work in a setting of cleanliness.


We understand that sometimes a staff shortage can occur, and with these unprecedented times it is more likely than not. At Xperts, we target the solution your company needs all while following the given requirements of the vacant positions. We clarify all the information to the potential candidates for a prompt process that leads them closer to the next steps of the hiring procedure. We will consult you and tailor the appropriate approach to your desired needs.

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